Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shoplot School (II)

In a follow up story by Malaysiakini, it appears that SJK (T) Ladang Sungai Salak in Lukut, Negri Sembilan, while having shifted to "new" premises in the shoplot as per my earlier blog post, will face new financial challenges.
“Now the rental of RM500 and utility bills of RM200 are being paid by donors,” [School Board Chairman, A Ponniah] said.

Asked if the school has approached the government for assistance, he said the board had asked for money to buy furniture, but that the district education department rejected the appeal.

“In June, we asked if the education ministry could at least take over payment of one of the utility bills,” he said.

“Last month, they agreed verbally to pay the electricity bill for three months - possibly from this month, although we don’t know for sure. I guess, after three months, they expect us to find another donor to take care of the bill.”
Why is the school board forced to beg from the Ministry a couple of thousand ringgit to maintain the school?

Is there a demand for the school? Apparently there is.
Ponniah also said there has been good response to enrolment in the school despite its unconventional location.

“We easily get more than 100 applications, but cannot accept everyone because of space constraints,” he said, adding that there are plans to rent the neighbouring shoplot if the enrolment increases next year.
Hence if there is such a demand, which exceeds the current schools' abilities to cope why isn't the Ministry of Education acting promptly on it? Why must education be politicised such that "interventions" must come from political parties, e.g., MIC in this case?

If the Government can announce the proposed expenditure of RM1.1 billion for motivational courses for students, why can't they spend not more than RM250,000 to build a proper school for the students in these village? Or is this the definition of the government's equitable education system?


Anonymous said...

Have the school tried asking the great Sami Veloo or Sri Murugan Centre?

Anonymous said...

fxxx the MCA,GERAKAN,MIC that politicised the education in msia...they are the main reason why coming to 50 year of independence the education system still not in par with globalization progress.not mention with content that aging and teaching with no brain needed.just pick from answer given....during exam..what can we nuture or learn form this method? I wonder they want to train our future generation who speak not, think not,or exp[ress not

Anonymous said...

How is that a school catering to poor children has to depend on donations to survive? I wonder how these policians sleep at night. Probably, they sleep soundly because their own kids are well taken care of.
The education system is really rotting, because it is only trying to give advantage to one community.
First, they changed the system to BM but surprisingly the non-Bumi still excelled. Then now they are saying that education is not only about books, now they are moving towards giving more credits for the extramural activities. Does that mean a C student out playing sepak raga would stand a better chance in university admission as an A student working hard at home? And the MCA and MIC leaders would still say "ya, ya, boleh-lah".