Friday, August 08, 2008

Manipal degrees no longer recognized

Looks like the Medical Council of India (MCI), the equivalent of the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), will no longer recognize medical degrees from the Manipal University. This is bad news for Malaysians since this is a popular destination for Malaysians who want to study medicine. In addition, there is a twinning program between Manipal University and the Melaka Manipal Medical College, which might be affected. So far, MMC has written to MCI to ask for further clarification. It would not make sense for MCI and the Malaysian government to continue to recognize medical degrees from Manipal if MCI no longer recognizes them. It shouldn't affect past medical degrees from Manipal, just degrees that are obtained after this year.


Anonymous said...

i have fren there.....sad n pathetic

Anonymous said...

manipal anytime better than UM, UKM ot AIMST!

Anonymous said...

Manipal is good, it should be recognised, or else a good reason should be provided on such an issue.