Sunday, September 11, 2005

British Chevening Scholarships 2006

For the high achieving students in Malaysia, particularly those who have completed their first degrees and are keen to pursue their further education in the United Kingdom - the British Chevening Scholarship is now open for application for the 2006/7 intake.

The objectives of the Chevening Scholarship scheme is stated as follows:
These scholarships enable future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers from around the world to become familiar with the UK, to gain new skills or update current professional skills. The ultimate objective is that Chevening scholars benefit their countries on their return.
The Scholarships are awarded for studies of up to one year and will cover tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, a modest allowance to help with settling in the UK and to cover books and warm clothing, a return airfare to the UK and a gratis student visa. However, for business school programmes the tuition fees' element of the scholarship is capped at £14,400. It appears that, unlike in the 1990s, this scholarship is no longer applicable for undergraduate studies.

For interested applicants, you may download your application form here. As a gentle advice, you might to focus your attention on the questions 10 and 11, where you are asked:
10. Describe your reasons for applying for the course you wish to follow and explain how it will help you with the work you expect to do on your return to Malaysia.

11. Please provide an outline of your ambitions and career plan. Also describe your most outstanding non-academic achievement involving other people where you demonstrated leadership potential (you may describe an extracurricular/sport/community/professional activity or an assignment).
This is the sections which you will be able to demonstrate to the selection committee and the interviewers why you should be shortlisted. For some quick tips, particularly on examples of what not to do, see this blog post on "Teaching English Writing".

The closing date is 31st October 2005. Good luck!


Golf Afflicted said...

Hi totoro,

I'm not sure, but it doesn't actually explicitly say that in the application form and notes. Those who are interested may want to clarify with the British Council.


Anonymous said...

i agree with tony, i don't think what totoro has said is accurate. i know quite a number of people who have studied in the uk, but have received the chevening scholarship for postgraduate studies. i believe they look at merit and how the key questions are answered, as well as a face-to-face interview if you are short-listed.

on the other hand, i hear that the world bank scholarship does state that those who have studied overseas are disadvantaged (my usm graduate friend received the scholarship for her postgrad degree in london). the scholarship benefits are similar.

Anonymous said...,,menuPK:551559~pagePK:64168427~piPK:64168435~theSitePK:551553,00.html

for more info on the world bank scholarship

Anonymous said...

Any idea how much is the monthly stipend given by the scholarship? Is accomodation paid for separately by the Brit Council, or is it part of the monthly stipend?

- L