Thursday, September 08, 2005

History @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

For those with not much to do over the weekend, drop by the Bangsar Shopping Centre for a quick trip down the memory lane on the birth of Malaysia, the nation.

I'd strongly encourage parents to take their kids for a visit to the visual exhibition on "The Road to Nationhood", before they adjourn to the comic bookshop and the playstation gaming centre located on the 3rd floor :) It might just give them that little bit more sense of patriotism and loyalty to the nation.

In the words of Koh Lay Chin of New Straits Times, who felt a tingle down the spine revisiting the events leading to our nationhood:
Going through the grainy but beautiful black-and-white photographs, I had no idea, for example, that Malaysia’s third Prime Minister had once been "Captain Hussein Onn", leading the first Johor Jungle Squad which clashed with communist terrorists in Sungai Pendas, Johor Baru in 1948.

It was fascinating to see photographs of women volunteering for the Home Guard, the stony faces of people waiting for rations during the Emergency, a panoramic view of 15,000 people protesting against the Indonesian Confrontation, and the jubilant faces of Malaysians waiting to countdown to Merdeka.

Hurry, the exhibition ends this Sunday and it's free :).

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