Friday, October 14, 2005

Hear! Hear! Quote from Dr Rais Yatim

The Sun this weekend will published an interview conducted with Datuk Seri Rais Yatim, our Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage. In a snippet provided today, Datuk Seri Rais is quoted to have argued the following, which is a sensitive but critical subject in the Malaysian education system.
Have religious classes by all means. But keep away Islam from other aspects of life in the school. No doa at the assembly, no doa in the classroom except during religious classes. Then, and only then can the national school be the crucible where shared experience is cooked.
In recent months, the retired politicians and civil servants have spoken critically about the state of the current education system. There comments are blogged here and here. Now, a sitting Minister of our current cabinet have bravely spoken. Is anyone listening? Can we expect changes?

I'll look out for the entire interview in the Sun tomorrow.


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John Lee said...

About bloody time, that's what I say. I'm fed up of being a minority Chinese who received a Malaysian education (although because of some dunderheads, some schools have been churning out a Malay education). Right now how things work is that national schools provide Malay education, Chinese schools provide Chinese education and Tamil schools provide Tamil education. For the latter two, this is understandable, but national schools ought to be providing Malaysian education. Personally, I don't mind the doa at perhimpunan, and I never really cared about the division of boys and girls during physical education, but sometimes, national schools go too far.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have always admired Dr.Rais Yatim for his intelligence and the way he speaks about a subject. Always calm but straight to the point in the least provocative manner

Anonymous said...

Just as I say before, they forget
the definition of national school!!

Just like they forget the definition of national universities !

National universities meant to recruit the best brains of the nation to get the best education, and be the best that they be!

Instead we have quotas and pseudo-quota system to accomodate their
lop-sided policies..

It is OK if certain percentage are reserved for the purpose of social reenginneeing, but NOT, NOT. This is no the case. Social Reengineering goes beyond the primary cause of national university in the first instance.

Pardon me to say this, as a biology students back in Sixth form, the unemployed graduates problem is the feedback to the loop of over-zealous implementation of the lop-sided policy. This is what we called
homeostatic effect.

The policy makers forget the entire social system, just like ecology, has to be balance in term of input-ouput conversion cycle.

Well, never mind of the population growth, never mind of setting new uni to cater for the ever-growing demand of varsity seats. Never mind of enlarging the public sectors to cater employment opportunities..

Unemployed graduates is the sign that the tolerance level is up..

It is the age of skilling the people with the right skills, not merely churning out numbers, and not merely doubling the population.

Pardon me to say this, we all have go through this transition period because we create this problem in the first place!

If our leaders especially our PM would have more foresights and political courage and will to do what is right, albeit pain-taking. The present situation is difficult to be remedied...