Friday, October 07, 2005

Malaysian Examination Syndicate Regrets Error

Further to my blog post highlighting the annual debacle whereby UPSR, PMR or SPM examination papers contained elements from workbooks, the MES has in a press statement admitted that they have made an error in the PMR English examination.

They further stated that “action had been taken against the officer in responsible for the duplication”. The most amusing aspect is I wrote in my earlier post that the most severe punishment that the officer “responsible” will receive will be that he/she will be transferred to another department. As if on que,
“The officer has been transferred out of the production section pending further investigations as he was directly responsible for both the paper and the workbook.”
So now, the incompetence will be “moved” to another department – the way it’s going, our ministries may just end up being incompetence officers playing musical chairs. The final products from these agencies will continue to leave much to be desired. A teacher who is teaching PMR classes was however happy that MES has taken action against the relevant officer, as reported in the Star yesterday.
“It’s about time the people in charge were held accountable. We hear of such mistakes year after year and nothing much is seen to be done.”
Well, lets hope it all starts with one small step.


John Lee said...

Hey, I'm a student who's sitting for the PMR. Got quite a few complaints about it, too. I didn't care too much about religion (hey, take a look at your MyKad), but the maths papers had an error or two. And as usual, the sejarah test didn't measure anything except your ability to read and memorise three textbooks (or their equivalent) cover to cover. Did you also know that English has no literature anthology for forms two and three, while Malay does?

Anonymous said...

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