Saturday, October 22, 2005

Where I Stand Politically?

Well, this post isn't exactly related to education but I thought I'd put it up just to give readers of this blog where it "appears" I stand politically :)

Thanks to Oon Yeoh who took and pointed out the survey, and published his own political "positioning", I decided to take the test myself and see how I'd be pigeon-holed. Here are the results:

"You are a Social Liberal (65% permissive) and an Economic Moderate (50% permissive). You are best described as a Centrist."

Link: The Politics Test

Well, maybe now you can tell why I write the way I write, and think the way I think :) Or maybe not :) I must say, I would never have described myself as a "social liberal" though...

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Jerng said...

As you've rightly hinted, these charts do exclude certain -possible- political orientations right? It just offers one of many paradigms, and it is not a framework within which you would necessary find yourself ;) Glad you noted that that.