Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Go See China

Check out the China Synergy Programme which will take you on a familiarisation and networking tour of China for 3 weeks in July.

As part of the 7th China Synergy Programme For Outstanding Youth, you will visit Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Xian, Beijing and Shanghai. The Programme includes meeting with top government officials, meeting with outstanding youths and prominent leaders, visiting major universities, participating in exchange activities with local university students and of course, elements of sightseeing.

Find more details on the official website.
This annual China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth consists of a series of exploration and exchange activities, which will be held in various major cities in mainland China. As our motto states “Learn More About China and Chinese Culture”, the Programme aims at providing an opportunity for outstanding Chinese youths to learn about the current socio-economical, technological and cultural development of China. During their sojourn in the Chinese cities, delegates will have chances to meet people from different circles, ranging from distinguished persons to local residents. Their knowledge of the history and traditions of China will be much enlightened.
The candidates are to be of ethnic Chinese origin (paternal or maternal) as well as current full-time undergraduates or postgraduates in universities anywhere around the world.

Thanks to Yeoh Chen Chow who wrote up about and highly recommended the programme on TinKosong. Read about his personal experience with the programme 2 years back here. You can also take part in discussion forum on the programme at ReCom.Org, a worldwide Malaysian students' network.

Successful candidates have to foot a nominal US$200 fee as well as the return air ticket to Hong Kong. All other expenses such as accomodation, internal transfers as well as meals are cared for by the programme itself. In order to encourage applicants amongst top performers of the lower income group, I'll be happy to help sponsor up to 2 students with the fees and air tickets. The only condition is to do a full report of your experience in China within a month of your return.

To apply, click here.


WY said...

Hey Tony.

I am keen to apply for a place for the programme. How can i apply for the sponsorship from you? I will write you an email about it, hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

Golf Afflicted said...

Those interested should drop me an email. Do remember that the sponsorship is really for those who can't afford the trip, hence typically (for e.g., those staying in Bangsar probably wouldn't qualify :-)).

More importantly, apply for the place and once you have obtained acceptance, let me know. :-)

Chen Chow said...

Tony, really thanks for helping to spread the words about China Synergy Program, and most importantly offer to sponsor the fees and air tickets for the lower-income group. I recommend a number of my friends for the program last year, and a few of them got to attend, including Yan-Min from UPenn, Sui Lin from Wellesley, Yi Duan from LSE etc, and all of them thought that it is a chance of a lifetime.

For anyone who wants to know more about the experience that I have gone through, feel free to email me at chenchow@gmail.com, or post your comments here at educationmalaysia, or at tinkosong.blogspot.com or at www.recom.org

~g@LfLow3RcH*c~ said...


I read about Chen Chow's and Yan Min's experience at the CSP and got all excited about it =D. I've already submitted my application! To hear about the chance of being sponsored is also a wonderful news, but I'll wait till I get accepted into the program before asking. Also, if I do get in but there are students who need this more than me, I'll find ways around this.
I really hope I'll get this opportunity of a lifetime!