Monday, January 23, 2006

Universiti Malaya - Carnegie Mellon U Tie-Up

In an interesting development, Malaysian students will be able to enrol for a master's degree programme in information technology management at Universiti Malaya (UM) offered by the Heinz School of Public Policy Management of Carnegie-Mellon University (CMU).

Avid movie fans may recall the movie, "A Beautiful Mind" starring Russell Crowe as the often misunderstood genius, Nobel Prize winner, John Nash, Jr., famous for his groundbreaking work in Game Theory economics. One of the basic game theory principles was also named after him, the Nash Equilibrium. Well, CMU is where John Nash graduated with his Masters and Bachelor's in Mathematics. It is also currently the 22nd ranked university in the United States according to the US News.

In a press release publised at Bernama as well as the iCarnegie website:
The Master of Science in Information Technology, Managing Systems Development, or MSIT-MSD degree, is designed to meet the demand among employers and employees in Asia and worldwide for the most modern technical management skills. This professional degree provides and demonstrates a high degree of preparation and knowledge in the modern technical, organizational, and managerial capabilities required by most organizations today, especially those whose business depends on IT.

The MSIT-MSD degree offered in Kuala Lumpur is the same credential received by Carnegie Mellon students who study at the Pittsburgh campus. Students in the program will be registered as Carnegie Mellon students.
Who is this programme targetted at?
Ultimately, the program is intended to enhance the competitive advantage of students and their employers in today's increasingly global market. The degree program is designed for students who seek rapid career advancement in IT-related areas, in a variety of organizations. It will be offered in a part-time mode, allowing currently employed individuals to obtain a degree while continuing to advance their careers, and immediately putting what they learn into practice. It is anticipated that some companies may wish to sponsor employees for matriculation into the program.
This venture between UM and CMU is facilitated by CMU subsidiary, iCarnegie. While the actual facilitation role of iCarnegie isn't exactly clear from the press releases so far, we do know that it focuses on commercialising CMU's teaching through franchise and licensing programmes worldwide.
iCarnegie is now an independent company that continues to work with Carnegie Mellon faculty to develop and maintain exceptional curriculum and professional IT skills certifications in Computer Programming and Software Systems Development. The curriculum is delivered by licensed education partners, which receive additional support services from iCarnegie in the areas of rapid faculty preparation, ongoing instructor support and mentoring, data analysis, program management, and marketing
Nevertheless, it is good that this programme is now on offer in Malaysia although understandably, the course will a costly one, setting you back by some RM138,000. Thanks for Anon reader for the heads up.


clk said...

Sincerely hope this works out.

We really need some booster here after one bad news after another without any break so far. The vicious cycle just keep going on and on...

Anonymous said...

this is not the first time that iCarnegie has links with local institutions. KDU used to have such an agreement but not for a degree-awarding program. IIANM, it was for a professional IT course.

somehow, i feel skeptical of iCarnegie and what it is actually about. they seem to show that they are a professional entity that is a subsidiary of CMU, solely to promote "online learning". in other words, they are a for-profit org hoping to internationalize CMU's portfolio. how the program will actually work out, we'll have to wait and see for more info.

Eric said...

The Heinz School of Carnegie Mellon U. seems to have big plans for the Asia Pacific. They are setting up similar programmes in Australia (

WY said...

american top universities often thread the fine lines between making a business and creating an education landmark. i wonder how much UM has to pay them or vice versa. CMu is also a proud campus owner of CMU-Dubai. Dubai & Kuala Lumpur..surely CMU is attracted to foreign capitals. :P but don't be wrong, CMU by all mean is a DAMN GOOD School. how i know? i know la..hahaha.

hope it's not too expensive, otherwise i wanna sign up toO!

Kian Ming said...

Carnegie Mellon is a great school. iCarnegie is obviously making use of the name recognition to market itself. I would think that UM would have had to pay competitive rates to get this affiliation. But if administered properly, I think it can work out to benefit everyone involved. iCarnegie get paid and will continue to get paid, UM gets to raise its public profile (sorely needed) and hopefully those who enroll in the course will reap the benefits of name recognition, good coursework and career advancement. I wish UM the best with this endeavor. Like what clk said, UM is in need of some good publicity after its massive 'drop' in the THES rankings.