Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Remember the 7As Priya?

I blogged a little about R Priya Sanjini a while back when the Star highlighted her inspirational achievement in her UPSR examinations despite coming from a hardcore poor family. Well, her life has now changed significantly, thanks to generous donors and well-wishers, as reported in an update by the Star on Sunday.
While she once walked 15km to school and sometimes had to go hungry, R. Priya Ranjini now rides pillion on her mother's motorcycle and eats regular meals.
“I don’t have to walk long distances any more and there is ample food on the table. I also get to study in a lit space at home and not under a lamppost. Thank you everyone for giving my family and me a better life,” said a happy Priya, 12, who has just started Form One at SMK King George V (KGV), a premier school here.

A trust fund was also set up for Priya by Astro operated Tamil radio station THR Raaga, with monthly aid disbursed for her education needs. Priya, who has become a role model for other students, has been invited to give motivational talks at tuition centres and at seminars here and in Kuala Lumpur.
Thankfully, Priya has appeared to have planted her two feet firmly on the ground as she stated that her priority is to ensure her siblings also do well in their studies and she continues to coach them in their schoolwork every evening.

She has also expressed humility and determination when she said that:
“I also want to continue to excel in my studies as I do not wish to disappoint my mother and those who had come forward to help me.”
Good for her. Let us all hope (and pray) that she keeps her head down, put in the necessary hardwork and not get complacent with her progress. If so, I'm pretty certain she'll go far and will serve as a perfect example for my philosophy that education is the equalising factor in society.

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