Saturday, July 08, 2006

Experiences-KL 2006

A gentle reminder that the Experiences-KL 2006 American Education Fair is to be held Sunday next week. So all you upper secondary students out there, drop by Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre to find out more about the top universities in the United States from the people who have been there!

I've also previously written about the fair here. See you there!


Anonymous said...

Where is United States? Is it some where near Rembau in Negri Sembilan?

Chen Chow said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks a lot for helping us in promoting Experiences 2006 Kuala Lumpur. Really hope to see a lot of high school students, A Level students, parents, teachers etc at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center on 16th July.

As of now, 7 out of 8 Ivy League will be represented (only exception is Dartmouth College).

Hope to see everyone there on Sunday!