Thursday, February 09, 2006

Abolish UUCA?

There's a forum organised on the controversial Universities and University Colleges Act:
"Abolish the UUCA - Give New Life to Students"

Date: 11 February 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Venue: Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur
Admission is Free
Unfortunately, my day trip to Singapore has been extended to the weekend. Hence I'm unable to make the forum. For those interested in finding out more about the UUCA or understanding what you can do about it, do take part :-)

The forum is divided into 2 sessions, with the details as follows:
Session I: IPT without UUCA - Is it Possible?
(moderated by YB Su Keong Siong, ADUN for Pasir Pinji)

Yusri Mohamad (President, ABIM)
Datuk Paduka Ibrahim Ali (Former MP for Pasir Mas)
Sdr Amer Hamzah (Lawyer and Human Right Activist)
YB Loke Siew Fook (ADUN for Lobak)

Session II: Activist Perspective on UUCA
(moderated by YB Fong Po Kuan, MP for Batu Gajah)

Sdri Soh Sook Hwa (DEMA)
Sdr Helman Sanuddin (Student Activist)

Discussion and formulation of memorandum
(chaired by YB Loke Siew Fook)
Kindly contact Carmen or Lau at 03-79578551 for registration.

Read also Kian Ming's post on UUCA as well as my little write up here for context.

Oh, and also, if anybody would like to do a "report" of sorts on the above forum and post it here, email me. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

While others might think that UUCA actually supress the freedom of students, i think that it is neccessary to maintain the current peaceful environment in the country.

Without that, i doubt that we will not ended up like Indonesia, Hongkong and Taiwan, where riots and demonstrations by tertiary students are frequent.

Perhaps one may argue that, more freedom will produce creative and smart students but i dont think so.

These students are only smart literally, as most of them are not aware of their surroundings. They are easily agitated and being used, thus are easy target by certain irresponsible people to create chaos and problems, or as a tool against the society and government.

Although the current government are not that good in some sense, can we promise the next one will be better? The best way is to equip ourselves with the relevant and sufficient knowledges that will allow us to survive anywhere in the world.

Do not use those innocent and simple-minded students to achieve your personal goals.


Golf Afflicted said...

Frequent student riots in Hong Kong and Taiwan?

I'm almost tempted to reply.

John Lee said...

I believe Tunku once wrote in his column for The Star that he believed Malaysian students should be allowed to form student unions and actively debate politics, without being permitted to participate in rallies/demonstrations. I think this is a good idea -- Malaysians aren't ready to be considered mature enough not to get hotheaded and act like morons. (A simple look at the state of the Malaysian blogosphere is all you need to get an idea of the typical educated Malaysian's mental state.)