Monday, February 06, 2006

The Learning Connection

I thought I would put up a plug for an education venture - The Learning Connection, opened by a friend of mine, Sara Brennerman at Mont Kiara. The Sunday Star did a little write up about the centre yesterday as well.

Unlike the typical learning centres you'd find out there, The Learning Connection targets children who have learning problems or disabilities, including dyslexia or attention deficiency.

Sara is a learning specialist in special education in the United States before coming over to Malaysia to teach at Mont Kiara International School. She has since decided last year to resume her work with children with learning disabilities. As per the write up in the Star:

Right now The Learning Connection has just a few kids and part-time teachers. Brenneman hopes that the number of students will increase over time. Although Brenneman says she would rather work with preschool children, she does accept and help children up to the age of 10.

Now, The Learning Connection offers a preschool programme for children aged between four and six years. There is also tuition for students with learning disabilities where one-hour individualised sessions are planned according to the student’s needs.
For more information, call 03-2094-5917, e-mail, or go to


Anonymous said...

should be expensive lah for normal malaysian, located in such area! I don't think there are so many foreign children with disabilities. Mont Kiara to me is a place for mat saleh and japanese.

I think there are many children with learning disabilities outside the city in the rural areas. Open-lah branch in those areas, it will be helpful.

Golf Afflicted said...

I don't think she opened her office at Mont Kiara because she wanted to attract foreign students, although it may help business with a more affluent market.

She opened there because she knows the area better and her local husband works around the area. The location works for anybody in PJ, Damansara, B Utama as well as Bangsar areas.

To be fair to Sara, while profit isn't the biggest priority of her venture, she needs to make it viable first before venturing out the "rural" areas.