Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Erratic Schedules

The return from the Chinese New Year holidays have been extremely busy and frantic for me, particularly with regards to business at the company. Hence, my blogging activities have been a tad erratic. My sincere apologies to the loyal readers out there.

It's not helped by the fact that I'm quite a bit under the weather due to taking care of the little one who has caught some bugs from play school and decided that her parents deserved a dose of it too. :-) Hence it has been early to bed for the past couple of days to stay alive during the day.

Hopefully, I'd get all the key business activities out of the way by the end of the month (or maybe sometime in March) - which means some lucrative contracts secured (cross your fingers for me) - and I'll get to spend a bit more valuable time on research, this blog as well as concrete practical steps to help students in this country.

So in the mean time, do bear with me while I secure the future of my 60 staff in the office for the year. :-)

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