Monday, February 06, 2006

World Bank Wants Practical Ideas

Yes, they want practical ideas from you, that is if you are aged between 18 to 25. Unfortunately I'm too old to take part :-)

The World Bank organises yearly international essay competitions, and they are ready to accept submission for this year. Together with its partners, they would like to invite you to participate in the International Essay Competition 2006 to share your experience and ideas on community work and participation in public life. The deadline of submissions is on the 2nd April, and finalists will be invited to present their case and their essays to the Jury at a conference in Tokyo at the end of May.

To participate, one has to write an essay of no more than 10 pages (4000 words), including a one-page abstract, on one of the two topics:

* How do you contribute to solving community problems?
* How do you influence decision making?

Essays will be graded on originality, clarity, and the use of concrete examples and proposals. The jury consists of people from various world-class universities and development councils, including the University of Texas - San Antonio, Cairo University Egypt and AIESEC International.

A quick note for the high achievers and students with ambitions out there. I've previously posted a couple of events and competitions here on the blog and have offered help and expertise to those who may require them. However, I noted that response has always been pretty dismal which either demonstrates that this blog doesn't reach the targetted audience or the readers often just can't be bothered. Do note that these events and competitions are often extremely enriching and often, even if you don't get to win, you will benefit significantly from taking part in the exercise itself. For those seeking to differentiate yourselfs, and particularly for those interested in enrolling into the top universities of the world, the experience will add significant weight to your application. I have often been asked by graduates on how they can add "oomph!" to their resumes, and taking part in these competitions in earnest would definitely be one of the methods.

You can find out more about the previous year essay competition and its winners here. Thanks to Tiara for the alert on her blog.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing it too.

Now, I just need the discipline to juggle work and the essay and come up with something spectacular

WY said...

It's an excellent tips. I wrote a similar essay for a local essay comp last year (something to do with community involvement in social transformation)..and..great to know i can use it again...I think i ll try to write a better piece, now that i m free. Thanks T for the head s up.