Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What A Week!

I must apologise to regular readers of the blog for being practically silent for an entire week. Despite having written a note earlier to expect an erratic schedule from me, I didn't expect to be that quiet.

From being a little under weather, it became a mini-storm as the kid's flu symtoms got a tad worse, making her totally cranky at night (which means little sleep) followed by the mother catching the same flu bug which mutated into an ugly vomit-inducing stomach flu. And without a nanny, and going to play-school being out of the question, that just leaves me to babysit the kid to make sure poor mummy gets sufficient rest.

That plus me having to travel for a couple of days to Singapore, with kid and mummy tagging along, plus dealing with several project proposals and preparation for a board meeting earlier this week as well as answering polite questions on the not particularly impressive set of results, really makes it one particular week I would love to forget quickly. Of course I blamed the "not particularly impressive" performance on my blogging activities! ;-p

Well, anyway, everything is creeping back to normality now, especially with grandma popping up to KL to help out with the kid. I have one week's worth of news to catch up on, some 40+ new resumes to review and plenty of comics to follow up on. Hopefully, the blogging cycle will return, and so will you :)

Thank you for your patience :)

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