Saturday, February 25, 2006

Harvard Project for Asia & International Relations

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) invites you to participate in their annual summer student conference in Asia.

HPAIR is a partnership between the students and faculty of Harvard University, offering a sustained academic program and a forum of exchange to facilitate discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region.

HPAIR's international conference has emerged as the largest annual Harvard event in Asia and the largest annual student conference in the Asia-Pacific region, attracting a wide variety of distinguished speakers and future leaders as Harvard's student outpost in Asia. This year it will be held in Singapore. This conference usually attracts around 600-700 student delegates (who are screened from around 1200 applicants) from all around the world.

Past speakers at our conferences include South Korean President Kim Young Sam, Governor General of Australia Peter Hollingworth, Singapore President S.R. Nathan and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad.

Both delegates and papers are welcome! Applications for both are online and located here.

The theme will be:

Redefining Asia: Visions and Realities

Our HPAIR 2006 workshops will focus on the following six topics:
  • The Political Economies of China and India: Trends, Trade and Tomorrow's Asia

  • Environmental Management in Asia: Writing Tomorrow's Textbooks Now

  • Diseases and Disparities: Improving Health Outcomes for All

  • Impersonating Asia: Performing Arts and Film in Contemporary Perspectives

  • Boundaries in Flux: Religion, Nation, and Identity in Asia

  • War, Domestic Conflict, and Interdependence: Peace and Security in East Asia

Thanks to the chairperson of the Host Country Organising Committee for the Project, Sriram Krishnan for the update. Interestingly, he's currently an undergraduate studying in the National University of Singapore who hails from Petaling Jaya.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Mr. Tony. I follow your blog regularly and it is one of my 'linked' sites to my google personal homepage.

As for other people(students in particular) who need more information about this academic conference, do not hesitate to post your questions here or you could just email me at for more information. Will be glad to be of any help!


HPAIR 2006

Anonymous said...

Hm... high school students not eligible? :(

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately lyk, only university students are allowed.


Anonymous said...

Last year's conference in Tokyo attracted very few Malaysians studying in Malaysia. I met around 1-2 people only.

Hopefully this year we all can look forward to a larger Malaysian delegation!


Anonymous said...


HPAIR is one of the most prestigious in the region, there is no doubt about that. But it is also the most expensive. The participants have to cover from flight ticket, to hotels and even the conference fees. And usually the designated hotel (which is usually in the conference vicinity) are really posh ones.

As good as HPAIR is, it is really a put off for some conference-goers. I was selected twice for HPAIR, but had to give it a miss because of the extravagant fees. Scholarships are available, but it is extremely competitive and is offered to only a fe w students. I wish would-be-applicants all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

Last year, the delegation from NUS managed to get funding from NUS as well as a large MNC in Singapore.

Together with my summer job, I managed to cover around 80-85% of the total cost incurred in Tokyo. I would tell would-be-applicants that... if there is a will, there will definitely be a way.

I am happy that this year's conference will be held in Singapore. This means (hopefully) more Malaysian delegates!


Anonymous said...

Hello all,

I posted a similar reply in Mr. Kit's blog.

Thank you Mr. Tony for posting the publicity material in your blog.
This conference has been around for 14 years already and is one of the most establised, by students for students, conference in Asia at the moment.

I understand that most of the students out there might be turned off by the registration fee of USd$325. As a former delegate myself, I suggest several ways you can come up with funding for your trip down to Singapore this Aug.

1) Seek funding from your school. Try the student affairs office. If you get a big enough delegation, approach the university administration for funding. Be heard! Get them to come up with a Letter of Support as well.

2) Seek funding from various companies in Malaysia. Come up with a proposal ( how many delegates from your university, how many days in Singapore, costs etc) and in return, you can provide a short booklet on your experiences there and so on. Last year, our team approached close to 100 organisations for funding..eventually succeeding in obtaining a lump sum of money for the NUS delegates.

3) Try various NGOs in Malaysia that support youth initiatives.

I suggest students to go ahead and apply first..and worry about the funding/finance later. On average, we recieve around 1200-1400 applications every year..out of which only around 600-700 eventually get selected.

Good luck..and do let me know if you may need any more information.