Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Last Words for Dr Shafie

Outgoing Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Seri Dr Shafie Salleh received his final words of polite and kind praise from the incoming new Minister, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed. This was as per the short report in the Star on the today.
Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed praised his predecessor Datuk Seri Dr Shafie Mohd Salleh for having single-handedly set up the ministry in 2004.

“It is not easy creating something out of nothing,” he told reporters after Dr Shafie briefed him on the ministry yesterday. “I hope the ministry’s staff, who have been working so hard for Dr Shafie, will continue their good work for me.”
Well, we here at "Education in Malaysia" would like to bid our "fond" farewell to Datuk Seri Dr Shafie Salleh as well, for he has given us plenty to write, comment, discuss, criticise, suggest and entertain ourselves over the short period of one year since this blog started.

We do hope however, his successor will indeed move this blog to a "higher plane" producing less criticism and creating a more positive environment in the discussion of our future in higher education.


Anonymous said...

Some fond farewell for Dr Shafie!

But welcome back to reality!

There remains much to done to rejuvenate higher education sector in Malaysia, whether IPTA or IPTS.

The new minister should 'turun padang' and talk to ground staff like deans and head of faculties..

Dont always talk to VCs. They may not know the real thing. Since they are always being fed with good words and nice pictures from the faculties..

In short, no one dares to say the real thing...

Hardware is one thing, software is more pertinent. Why some courses which are taught in IPTAs lag behind industrial requirements reveal the hard truth!

A minister is like a CEO. A strategic vision for higher education sector is must !

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt it be good if we model the whole country as a big corporate company? Then i am sure we wont lose to anyone on any field at all (pointing to the down south)

Anonymous said...

The turnaround story of Nissan within 3 years in Japan should be the fine example for our new HE minister

The CEO, Carlos Ghosn whom came from Renault for a borrowed term went to ground staff, talk to them and understand the weaknesses of the company.

As the result, goals are set, plans are executed...

The company launched 10 new models around the world in 2003..

In short, vision is very important..

in education as well..